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Sofi (Social Finance App) focuses on various factors to set a modern takeaway of your financial lifestyle. If you are new to the monetary field and always want to establish outstanding guidance for any decision you make. Surely! You should have something like the Sofi budgeting app (the best in the market). Just one account with the Sofi App can fund you more than you expect. Let’s catch up with the Sofi app reviews for more. 

What is the Sofi App?

What is the Sofi App?

Sofi is a financial tech company that serves its members in personal financing, investment, trade, and borrowing power with saving and checking accounts. In a cost management system, you have the follow up with financial advisors to career counselors. It is designed for your money right with a one-stop financial solution platform. Furthermore, you can earn up to 3% APY for your savings and checking account balances. 

Apart from that, the Sofi account quickly transfers money from the Sofi money account to the Sofi investment account. No, you cannot transact for advanced-level investment. Its automated investment system is suitable for beginners and new investors. Sofi is not available for people who live outside the USA. 

Pros and Cons of Sofi App

Below are the pros and cons of Sofi app:


  • Secured investment at a lower cost
  • Affordable management
  • Debt settlement strategy
  • Safety net for the users and investors
  • Use money efficiently
  • Future savings
  • Borrow money for personal bills
  • Zero account fees
  • Membership benefits
  • Customer support


  • Limited account
  • No for advance level investment
  • For US citizens only
  • Deals with USD only
  • No zero-interest loan

Is Sofi App Legit?

Is SoFi app legit?

Sofi is not only a financial app but also a digital bank with the best performance of certified financial planners to move your money safely in the capital market. That’s great to earn up to $1000 for free stock in response to opening and funding an account. A+ rating from Better Business Bureau witnesses its trustworthiness from major factors like licensing. Government approvals, consumer complaint history, and others. It gets regulated by top-notch authorities dealing in financial trade and investments. Furthermore, your money is safe till $500,000 via the investor protection system

Sofi App Review as a Budgeting App

This budgeting app is a safe way to start trade and borrowing practices. It provides multiple tools to control and manage your finances on the go. Whether you want to become debt-free, planning asset collection, or other- it covers different backgrounds for its members. While you choose your budget with investment lines, you have stocks, ETF (Exchange-Traded Funds), Cryptocurrencies, and IPO(Initial Public Offerings). There is a restriction where only newcomers and youngsters can be an element of this online bank cum fintech company. Users with low account balances can get an advanced level of financial guidance for cost-conscious economical planning. 

How Does the Sofi App Work?

To know how the Sofi budgeting app works, you must see its end-to-end process. You can start by downloading the app on your Android or iOS. 

  1. Open the Google Play store, and the Apple App store, to download and install the Sofi App. 
  2. Visit the app and complete the registration with valid credentials. 
  3. Leave the details for the Sofi app review procedure, and once you get the response start using the app following your requirements. 

How to Use Sofi App?

How to Use Sofi App?

Sofi helps you gain confidence in the capital market. Let’s see how you can use this app for investment. 

Investment with Sofi

You need to follow some simple guidelines in this direction though you don’t have a minimum amount to start. 

  • Start with no administration fee or low funds
  • Get access to CFPs or Certified Financial Planners to avoid any mistakes.
  • Be ready to invest with company stock fractional shares. 
  • Join the Automated investing tool and access Cryptocurrency.
  • Now you can control, manage, buy or sell your stocks and other securities. 

How to Make Money on Sofi App?

With a wide variety of financial support, you can get investment opportunities & loan facilities for students, and more. Let’s see how many more ways you can make money on the Sofi App.

  1. Buy or sell stocks or ETFs at higher prices by analyzing the market regularly. That way, you can generate money from asset appreciation. 
  2. You have control over the stocks and ETFs to either; sell them or receive money from dividends paid
  3. The third way possible is cryptocurrency. Buy them at lower prices and wait for a higher rate market to sell them to the potential buyer.
  4. IPO is the services of governments. You can opt for them to make money from the automated investment process of Sofi. Similar to Dave app where automated insurance is  provided by federal government.

How to Withdraw Money From Sofi App?

How to Withdraw Money From Sofi App?

  1. Open the Sofi Account and click Invest Account to choose one investment account for withdrawal. 
  2. Click the Manage option to select Withdraw.
  3. Enter the maximum amount you want to withdraw or available with that particular account. 
  4. Select From and To to transfer money from one account to another. 
  5. In the end, click Review to submit the withdrawal confirmation
  6. The amount will get transferred into the desired account within three days. 

How to Cash Out on Sofi App?

Once you transfer the investment account money from the Sofi bank app to another bank account, you can cash out that money from any ATM using your debit card. Similarly, you can transfer money with Chime account.

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The Bottom Line

In our direct approach with Sofi customers for Sofi app review, we have found various figures that may impress and benefit you to Fuel Up your financial conditions. On one side, you can invest money at the lowest rate possible & on the other hand, it helps you make money from higher capital market returns. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Many Types of Accounts are Available on Sofi App?

Sofi facilitates accounts like Individual and Joint Savings and Checking accounts, Sofi Money, IRA, Sofi Invest, and Sofi at work. 

What are the Features of the Sofi Budgeting App?

  1. Direct Deposit
  2. Salary transfer to Card
  3. Services
  4. CFP access
  5. Low-cost investment

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